WRASFER™ Transfer Sheet

WRASFER™ Transfer Sheet

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The WRASFER™ Patient Transfer wrap sheet is designed for quick and hygienic transport of immobile or disabled patients in high-pressure emergency situations. WRASFER™ disposable patient wrap and transfer sheet is equipped for use in hospitals, hospital emergency departments and operating theatres in cases where fluids need to be easily absorbed.

With a fluid storage potential of up to 5 litres and a maximum carrying weight of  200 KG, WRASFER™ is a highly versatile product. It tackles four main issues: contamination control, cleaning time/ costs, ambulance turnaround times, and patient transfer.

  • Same carrying strength after absorbing 5L fluids (tested and approved)
  • Creating a hygienic ambulance and working environment
  • Minimising the risk of cross infection for patients and staff
  • Cost saving through significantly reduced cleaning and turnaround time
  • Individually wrapped packs with instruction for use
  • Highly versatile application fields
  • Eliminates need for laundering sheets and cleaning stretchers or emergency transfer devices
  • Saves time, allowing emergency transfer equipment to be readily available and offering quicker response times
  • Save on laundry costs
  • High absorbency of fluids up to 5 L (tested and approved)
  • Super strong carrying strength of up to 200 KG (tested and approved)


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