X8T Tourniquet

X8T Tourniquet Features Trauma is a time-sensitive medical condition where every minute counts. When someone suffers a traumatic injury, every second that passes without treatment increases the risk of death. That’s why the X8T tourniquet is such an important innovation. The X8T was researched and developed by a team of medical and engineering experts, with […]

Blood Warmer Indications & Temperature

MEQU Station Warmer

Blood warmers are devices that are used to warm intravenous fluids and blood products before infusion. Blood and fluid warmer indications include preventing hypothermia in patients who are undergoing surgery or those who are receiving fluids or blood transfusions. Blood and fluid warmers are also indicated for use in patients with low body temperature due […]

How To Use a Blood Warmer

MEQU Warmer

A blood warmer is a device used to warm blood or other fluids for medical purposes. They are often used in surgery, and can be very helpful in preventing hypothermia in patients. For example, the MEQU blood warmer is a blood warmer that was made for emergency transfusions. This means that it can be used […]